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  1. Hi DTLow: doesn't this force you to give, and above all, update continuously, a due date to every note? Thank you, Daniele (looking for a workaround to the main feature IMHO of Evernote: sorting by tags) GTD and TSW user
  2. Dear @EverNote , are you planning to fix this issue? Just to know, because we are considering other softwares to cover this gap. Thank you, Daniele
  3. Hi everybody, this affects me too. I'm running EVN on Huawei P9, Android 7.0, and using Nova Launcher 6.0. Thank you for helping us with this very heavy issue. Have a nice day, Daniele
  4. Hi everybody, I'm about to unshare a notebook I used to share with a colleague. Inside this notebook we both created notes. I'd like to know: 1. will the notes created by my colleague be still there once I unshare the notebook? in other words: will they become "only mine" once I unshare? 2. will I be able to share again the notebook in the future? 3. is there any other point I should care of before unsharing the notebook in order to not lose data? Thank you for your replies. Have a nice day Daniele
  5. I noticed that a user cannot add new tags to a shared note, but he can delete them!! I hardly can understand this odd logic, I'm sorry. Daniele
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