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  1. I managed to do it. Just a minute ago. Mentioned your name in it as the one who asked me to do it.
  2. Hi Amanda, Ofcourse I will, but how can I get the copy you want of the activity log?
  3. No I am the only person using this account and I did not modifiy (a lot of) the content.
  4. Hi Amanda, No I am the only person that uses my Evernote account. So nothing happened untill the moment I noticed your warning about stopping my possibility to use Evernote for the rest of the month. After that moment I made a copy of the whole file I builded up for years by using Evernote. But that was not the cause of this awfull misunderstanding but a way to rescue the information I builded up in case something would happen.
  5. How can I open a problem ticket? Can you help me to do that?
  6. I think, again with all respect, it is not a good idea. You are trying to let me to solve Evernote´s problem which is not the way to do it. So in my, and obviously your opinion that Evernote is the owner of this (minor) problem, which can happen ofcourse, but Evernote has to solve it.
  7. I do not agree with: a support ticket pointing out the bad translation in the upload limit. It is just a failure in your system in my opinion. So I want a suggestion/ solution from Evernote!.
  8. It does not to me because it confirms my ideas about my usage. If you look at my normal usage: I never used my monthly budget within a feww days, so... I am not a heavy user and that is the reason why this kind of agreement with Evernote which i really do like, suites me well. Luckely some of your collegues agreed with me, so what to do now?
  9. Thanks for your reply, So Luckely no language problem from my side ;=) What do you suggest me to do?
  10. What do you mean by " Yep; definitely reads badly " Just to prevent a language problem from my side. Do you agree with me, or do you not? Again with all respect. If I look myself what I did this month, it confirms what this reporting is saying (if you understand what i mean)
  11. In my earlier topic about it, it sais that I uploaded 2,8 Mb (4%) during this month (Screen copy added). My monthly budget is 60 Mb. That is about what I thought myself it should be. So question marks for me ! Why cann´t I ask the responsibal people about it ? Because, with all repect, I think you are not, are you? Or can you point me the way.
  12. It sais that I used 2.8 Mb (4%) during this month. My monthly budget is 60 MB so I do not understand it at all !..
  13. Hi, This month (aug 2016) I onloy used less then 3 Mb up till now. Still Evernote tells me it can not accept more input from me, or synchronise anything more. Must admit: I am a free user of Evernote, but 3 Mb is not my monthly limit is it? As far as I know I can upload about 60 MB a month!
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