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  1. Hi Dave It doesn't look like you can, I usually tag the stickers to whichever notebook I want it to save to, but I have never tried to save to multiple notebooks, I'm not sure you can say which would be the dominant sticker , if you get my drift, one for Evernote, sorry couldn't help, I'm going to try to see if I can, if it works I'll let you know
  2. Thanks very much for your reply, I'll try it on my Mac to see the difference but it would be useful on windows as well for work. :-)
  3. Hello I did a session on Evernote for colleagues this morning and as I was demonstrating the presenter mode, I was asked if you could annotate a note whilst presenting. The idea being if you wanted to add a comment or highlight on the fly during project meetings etc. I wasn't sure if you could , nothing I tried worked so I'm assuming it doesn't. If you how to, assuming it does I would love to know. Many thanks Kind regards Sue
  4. Mmm I am a premium member and want to use presntation mode, however, when looking at how to video's, I don't seem to have the icon anyway in my notes or notybooks, I have updated both Mac and PC versions but still can't see it, I am either doing something wrong or its not available, can anybody tell me where it is or isn't it avialbe yet? Thanks. Sue
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