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  1. You can directly query the exb file using a SQLite client. Its tables already contain the MD5 hash of all resources you have stored. These SQL queries below should do the trick. The first one should be enough, but somehow the second one gives slightly different results. select upper(hash), count(*), group_concat(ra.[file_name] || ' [' || n.title || ' - ' || ra.source_url || ']') from resource_attr ra join note_attr n on n.uid = ra.note group by hash having count(*) > 1order by count(*) descselect hex(md5), count(*), group_concat(ra.[file_name] || ' [' || ra.source_url || ' - ' || ra.note || ']') from resources r join resource_attr ra on ra.uid = r.uid group by hex(md5) having count(*) > 1order by count(*) desc
  2. Indeed. The Web Clipper should perform a client-side test of the url against the user's bloom filter (regardless of which browser he/she is using). Since a bloom filter can return either "possibly in set" or "definitely not in set", the Web Clipper doesn't have to confirm the set membership if the bloom filter says "definitely not in set", thus saving Evernote both bandwidth and CPU cycles. Whenever a new url is saved, Evernote servers should update the user's bloom filter.
  3. For me, the best way to selectively send email messages from Gmail into Evernote is by using Harry's script: http://www.harryonline.net/evernote/send-google-mail-to-evernote/226 Basically you use Gmail labels to choose which Evernote notebook will receive the message and to add your own Evernote tags. However, I needed a bit more, so I changed his script so that: 1) I can set a custom EN reminder based on Gmail labels 2) I can have certain EN tags automatically add a reminder (example: if the EN note gets the tag "important", then it will get a reminder for "tomorrow". To do that, simply set the user property "tag2reminder" to "important=tomorrow" ) 3) I can have one Gmail filter that will create a notebook with multiple tags in it and an optional reminder. So there's no need to create one Gmail filter for each EN tag you want, as is usually the case. Here's my setup: Create these 'root' labels on your Gmail account (you can change their names if needed): [Evernote Notebooks] [Evernote Reminders] [Evernote Tags] Then, create as many sub-labels as you want inside those root labels: [Evernote Notebooks] Main Travel Bills (and so on...) [Evernote Reminders] 1week today tomorrow [Evernote Tags] !!Today !Next development personal per-hobby per-photo finance fin-bill fin-invoice location loc-san-francisco loc-ny loc-australia Now for applying multiple EN tags, create something like this: [Evernote Tags] fin-invoice+loc-australia And if you want to add a reminder at the same time:[Evernote Tags] fin-invoice+loc-australia+important And here's my modified script: https://script.google.com/d/1rsv8tjfpDn_wwxTmgz9fy3PupQIGrS6bd8EUfCeEwPzCsL7E0L-JA15I/edit?usp=sharing Hope that helps!
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