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  1. To anyone who's tired of waiting: consider OneNote. It features a lot of elements beyond basic text, including editable tables. I'm sure OneNote has it's own disadvantages, but I for one am very glad I switched.
  2. I agree completely. I'm a little less emotional about it, but what peterhevesi writes is true: it simply cannot be that hard, it is a very basic feature and to see other improvements take priority over this for such a long time baffles me. Tables may not be as hot as introducing an Evernote Market, but they are a very efficient way of storing information.I simply do not understand the decision to support tables and barely offer basic functionality to edit them. Especially for an application that is renowned across all major platforms. I like almost everything about Evernote, but this is a deal breaker for me. If Google Keep were to support creating and modifying tables for example, I would jump ship. I can even imagine you don't really care about the opinion of a free user, but don't you (developers) think such an oversight is bad for Evernote's reputation in general? It's been over two years now. Maybe this can be bumped up on that list of future improvements?
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