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  1. This makes it all the MORE IMPORTANT that Evernote (and all developers) CLEARLY identify that the NEW version works ONLY with iOS7. You said "Given that more than 60% of all iOS users are now on iOS 7, that sorta speaks to the folks still on iOS 6 being tech "laggards;"". I could not disagree more. First of all, how do you really know that "60%" have upgraded to iOS7???? Second, many of us, or at least me, WAIT for a while (> 2 weeks) AFTER an upgrade is released BEFORE applying the upgrade. I don't call this "laggard". I call this "wise", based on how often the updates of ALL software have significant, and even MAJOR BUGS. Unless an upgrade/update fixes a MAJOR bug that you personally are experiencing, then the wise course of action, IMO, is to wait a while. You apparently don't read the news ;-) Just Google it; there are many analytics companies that are noting it's something like 60% already. Uptake has been very quick. Here's one: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/09/27/fiksu-ios-7-adoption-rate-at-58-percent-after-one-week/ It's OK if you want to wait. You'll have the opportunity to wait and continue using the older version of Evernote (and in fact, many apps) during that time period as well. Again there is a TON of additional work necessary to continue supporting iOS 6 in apps that leverage the new features and APIs in iOS 7. Too much work, IMO, to do it just to serve folks who want to wait a few weeks to upgrade. No sense spending multiple engineering years of work for people who are conservative, given they'll upgrade once they see there aren't sharks in the water. That tuaw link describes what Fiksu, Chitika and Mixpanel said about people who accessed apps or servers connected with them during one week. I have stacks of apps that I might open only once a month. Any figure that takes in what mobile operating system I am using during one week have a large chance of not finding out because I won't use that app. Take on top of this the fact that the small number of apps owned by clients of Fiksu might be apps I don't even have installed or that only a few larger companies are likely to use Mixpanel and then it makes complete nonsense of the figure. There is also too little data to go on here. How do we not know that Fiksu deals with the sort of people who might wish to update their OS more often. Perhaps the type of apps they run are only apps that people might use if they were in particular lines of business that would suggest they most likely had the most up to date hardware and software. Likewise with the other companies. This page details the opinions of three companies. Why only three? What about all the others? There are so many people who do not make use of analytical companies to gauge there audience; there are so many companies who are not connected with Fiksu. Do you think they would be likely to use three average companies rather than the top three if they want a spectacular sounding story? This is all beside the point that I wished to make that I am running Evernote on iOS6 and it seems fine. The decision to take away that ability from anyone else who wants to use iOS6 instead of 7 is pretty spiteful. It worked. It works. End of. I don't want iOS7 I do want Evernote; it should be that simple. If it isn't then the only reason it is not is control, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with technological capability or underlying OS as my iPhone proves.
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