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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I will upgrade today! EN is amazing, I started using it 3 years ago, but never got the real hang of it until recently.
  2. Ya, that makes sense to me. Sometimes I fancy if Evernote would come up with their own operating system which is dedicated wholly to office work and productivity with all features like being to able to email and manage files from within the software and stuff like that! LOL.
  3. I use Evernote to plan out a lot of things like workflow, coding algorithms, writing an engineering paper or solving a complicated problem, managing a group of co-workers in two projects. It would be great if we could draw mind-maps or work-flow charts like things - within Evernote. It would help me to plan my tasks and manage stuff better. -ssc
  4. I want to upgrade to Evernote premium, but I am scared that doing that will save all my notes so as to make all my notes available offline to my iPad. I have a space crunch there. i would be happy to allocate about 200MB to Evernote, but not more than that. Is there a feature in which I can limit to how much data Evernote can store locally in my devices?
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