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  1. hope it helps you out. I have fully moved to RoamResearch (and coda.io for some scenarios) and am slowly migrating stuff out of evernote. Had a great decade with the elephant!
  2. Remembering the vision of Evernote over the years: Remember Everything (somewhere around 2010-2011) Your Life's best work (I think this was when Tim Ferris started advocating it) Current: Your notes. Organized. Effortless. The first two served their purpose really well during their times IMHO. The current one, not so sure... Your Notes: The ENML format and the HTML exports are not necessarily mine. It's non-trivial to move these notes to others without effort. The API helps but it leads to a digital divide for the non-tech-savvy to make notes their ow
  3. "Graph DBs are great for understanding relationships across heterogeneous data, inferencing, and more easily working with novel queries. But it would be expensive and burdensome to add one just to do backlinks. If you can do regular links (in any database) you can do backlinks. It’s just a question of priorities. " Good pick @Joe Pairman, I should have elaborated it earlier. It is what backlinks enables in terms of query capability at scale and at speed that is quite exclusive to graph database AFAIK. Many queries in a networked thought are queries over inter-related records that are simp
  4. I think Evernote, RoamResearch and Notion appeal to different styles of thinking and working. I use all three for different purposes but Evernote is and has been my solid foundation for almost 10 years. Here are my opinionated views, if they may help: Does the tool get out of the way? : YES: Evernote and RoamResearch NO: Notion Does the tool allow bottom up thinking where i can create concepts and then carry out chunking and then allow me to create repetitive cards? YES: RoamResearch and Evernote (via search and tagging) NO: Notion
  5. All for getting the foundations rock solid. Not bothered by the lack of news. Although I sense the company may be going through culture problems, perhaps by over-reading the body language in the last few behind the scenes videos. Also noticed the forums are not very active as such compared to other tools. But, Evernote is hiring data scientists and product designers on their career pages. All fo these are healthy signs for a company ready to pivot (culturally), getting in some fresh eyes and hearts and apparently not panicking with flashy competitor noise. Perhaps this is dealing wi
  6. Congrats to the winners and looking for even better features for dashboarders in 2020 by Evernote
  7. You are welcome @JohnOem. The best things in life are simple Glad there is someone out there using a similar technique
  8. oh sorry for not making the screenshots clear. The content is not changing, its just a very long table that doesn't fit in one screen and need to be scrolled down. Notice the scrollbar on the extreme right in each screenshot.
  9. Love this idea, will be especially handy on touch screens I reckon. I love Canva too 🙂 but for instagram mostly 😅
  10. "That's valid, but it limits the scope (I removed Notes from this discussion's title) Your method forces a dynamic notelist" less is more I purposefully target just a single metric through the notebooks interface. " Also, you might use a Shortcut for easier access In which case you're not restricted to a Notebook; it could be a tag or saved search" Already do "You might want to specify a year in the note title instead of just Week nn I have daily notes with title 2019/12/07 Journal [2019.341 Saturday]" Thought of that some years back but happy wi
  11. I imagine dynamic content to be added via Evernote APIs (programming / developing it yourself). More on Evernote's developer pages
  12. Great convo folks and thanks for the kudos. A few points to clarify about my Evernote usage. I use Evernote on my mac, windows, android phone and iPad. Hence, it is interoperable across all devices and form factors. A dashboard for me is a notebook, not a note. I call it 'Weekly'. Each week is represented as a single note in the notebook. I use a single color coded metric (Good, Average, Bad) week based on a qualitative assessment at the end of each week. At the end of the year, I just count the number of good, average and bad weeks and thats about it.
  13. Fantastic post and great dashboards folks, loving it! I've been feeding my OCD for almost 4 years now (few days left :)), here's a snapshot of what my dashboard currently looks like. Essentially, I break it down to 52 weeks, each week consolidating activities from projects, tasks, a bit of journal and daily drivers. Its a very elongated single column table to make it easy on mobile interfaces.
  14. Evernote Loves me, Evernote loves me not

    Evernote Loves me, Evernote loves me not

    Evernote Loves me, Evernote loves me not

    Evernote Loves me, Evernote loves me not


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