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  1. I didn't mean for them to use an alpha project but just wait things out and be more forward thinking. I want my data to be as secure as it can be and data centres are not secure. They will get hacked! The NSA gets hacked. With The SAFEnetwork there is no central place to attack. Your files are cut up and distributed randomly all over the planet. Only you have the keys to recover them. Do you really trust google??
  2. It's not just another cloud service. They are doing amazing things that companies like evernote could take advantage off if they had some vision. They are rewriting some of the underlying layers of the internet and doing things that have never been done before, Things like - https://maidsafe.net/features.html Imagine being able to share a 1tb HD instantly at high speed. Websites that don't slowdown with an increase in traffic but instead speed up! It's still in Alpha but when it launches it will have a massive impact IMHO. This video is very informative...
  3. You guys need to be more future proof in your thinking and choice of providers. Google isn't where I want my personal data. Using a centralised cloud service is a mistake! Your (our) data will get hacked at some point. You should be looking at solutions like the SAFEnetwork from MaidSafe. When a new startup builds an evernote competitor on safe then I'll be the first to move.
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