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  1. Hello, I am a new evernote user and am looking for some advice on how to get started. I'm sure I can make things work but I am not sure of the best way how. If there is a good beginner-thru-advanced guide please point me to it. I use the android, windows, and web platforms. Here are my uses I am interested in figuring out: 1. Task management. I use Michael Linenberger's MYN system. I think I have this mostly figured out - I have a notebook called tasks and tags for critical-now, opportunity-now, and over-the-horizon. I email tasks to evernote and use @ and # to get them ranked where I want. I use the android widget or shortcuts to display the task related tags I want, and use the reminder to cause my over-the-horizon tasks to pop on the horizon when they should. Am I missing anything? 2. Use at work. This one I have not the slightest idea where to start. I am an intensive care clinical pharmacist. Evernote is not HIPAA compliant so storing protected health information is out. However there is still alot of data that I must manage at work that isn't tied to a specific patient. I have scores lots of articles in pdf form. These fall into two general categories - guidelines/review articles and studies. Each could further be categorized by the type of article but there would be alot of overlap - so I am thinking tags should be used somehow. Do I throw each article in its own note? Do I have multiple articles per note? a notebook for each general category?Instructions for my students and residents. I have several powerpoint & word docs for them to study as well as phone numbers to reference and general tips for them to review. Currently I have these posted on a sharepoint site.Ongoing projects. Research projects or development of staff education, policies, etc... Sometimes I work on these alone and sometimes collaborate. Currently these are posted in a document library on sharepoint - I imagine I throw these in a notebook and share it as appropriate?Useful links. some links are external and some point to the intranet. I want the link to have a meaningful description but don't see a way to do this other than a two-column table in a note?Meetings/workgroups. I make a notebook for each recurring meeting I suppose?Thats good for starters - thank you in advance for any guidance you provide.
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