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  1. Thanks for not giving up on us. Try changing the wrist position from the stylus icon in the tool bar to see if another position works better for you. We're actively working with Adonit to improve the Jot Script responsiveness and palm rejection in our next release. any chance to give some information on WHAT YOU ARE WORKING ON for the coming releases. I fortunately own a Pencil from 53 which does work like a charm, as my JotScript is unusable mainly due to the offset. And what are your ideas about Drift vs. Zoom box? Drift was not only touted to be a unique feature, indeed it was one. Any chance to see anything like it integrated back into PenUltimate? Or will you give us a solution like some of your competitors have where for example in the zoom box, when hitting the edge, will jump rightaway to the beginning of the next line. Have a lovely Xmas
  2. It is interesting to note that the 6.0.1 Beta works smother than the official 6.0.1 so I guess more is to come ..
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