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  1. The surest way to prevent a sync is to disconnect from the internet before invoking. To backup the Windows database, copy the exb file. (Please search the board on exb and/or backup/restore, since this has been discussed before at great length.) And when I search for exb and backup using google, I get a post from you. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply, and I've modified my second question. Is there a way to prevent my work computer from synchronizing when I open Evernote on it? Or can I back up the local copy before I open EN somehow?
  3. Hi, I use basic Evernote across 3 machines: PC at home, Android mobile, and PC at work. I entered a number of notes at work yesterday, hit the sync button and waited to see 'Synchronization Complete', and turned off the machine. I may have had the app running on my phone at the time. Today when I checked my home PC and didn't see the notes there, I hit sync, still nothing. Checked my phone and the notes were missing. Finally checked the web interface and the notes weren't there either. 1) Is it safe to say the notes are probably gone for good? 2) If it has happened to you, please let me know the details. I'm sure the number of people that have never had a problem is huge so I'm not interested in seeing it in this thread (it will just make the thread long with nothing to say but "it's never happened to me before"). But I am curious about the folks that it did happen to and any details they can remember about it.
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