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  1. Thanks I used a discussion solution. I signed out of Evernote, removed the database file off my desktop and then signed on again. Not finding the resident desktop file Evernote searched back to the Evernote Server and repopulated the information database rom there . And that worked. So not sure what the problem was, it may have been a shared noted book but problem solved. Thanks anyway
  2. When I understand what you are saying I will try that?? Make a copy oaf the database resident on your device ENEX and back that up Delete the database files resident in the EVERNOTE location on the device Possibly even uninstall EVRENOTE from the device too. Reinstall and repopulate from the EVERNOTE server Will think it through and try that tomorrow But if the resync does not work all that tells is I am not in Sync with the EVERNOTE servers and then what must I do? Thanks Thanks
  3. I currently use a desktop (Windows 7), a laptop (windows 8.1) and a tablet (Android) With a Premium account. Synchronizing has never been a problem. Just recently I established a problem with my desktop which advises me "Sync failure due to unexpected behavior at client side" Neither the laptop, not the tablet give me the same message. Some synchronization is occurring as certain things I look for an they are there across all devices. Others that I look for are not. It appears to be random. I have uninstalled Evernote from my desktop and after reinstalling get the same problem. So not a version on my desktop anomaly? I have created another account which synchronizes perfectly across all devices so it is not a communication issue my computer to the web problem? And given the Premium membership I Would have thought not a volume transfer problem? And Evernote themselves appear not to have any suggestions as I have only computer replies generated from the helpdesk, no people yet? Any body else experienced something similar? What solutions worked?
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