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  1. If you spend more than two minutes on the board, you'll see Jeff has helped many, many people on the board. In no way does he reflect poorly on Evernote. Which is why he was chosen to be one of the moderators. AKA "evangelists". A title assigned to us by Evernote. We didn't pick it. I was curious if there was a way to clear checked items and landed here from a google search, not from trolling the boards. I'm sure Jeff is a great guy.
  2. FYI, as stated in my sig, I and the other evangelists are not Evernote employees. We are users just like yourself. Additionally, Evernote does not publish their road map. So what you seem to perceive as "drama" is strictly what we've gleaned from our longevity on the board & using Evernote. Sometimes it's just our opinion based upon that relationship & we could be wrong. Other times, it's based on the few times we've seen Evernote directly address an issue. And yes, Evernote has been on record as saying they are not trying to be another full out task list manager & that the reminder date was the only thing they would be adding in that vein. As someone new to the board, it might be a good idea to get a better feel for the players before passing judgement. Jefito should probably state that in his signature... It reflects poorly on Evernote otherwise.
  3. Far be it from me to intrude on another person's bafflement, but in general, folks here are in favor of adding functionality to Evernote. But the reality is that Evernote has never pretended to be a dedicated to-do application, and they've chosen to focus their development efforts in other areas. As it is today, a user certainly has the ability to complete what they start (by checking the box). They just don't have the particular feature that the item gets physically cleared from the note. You're welcome to believe that this is a critical feature, and inside the scope of what Evernote should be doing, and it's all fair game for feature suggestions, but I wouldn't be surprised if this never got implemented by Evernote, for reasons stated before (not that it's my decision anyways). How about we keep it at just that, a feature request, without all the drama from the "evangelists" on why a todo list is not Evernote's domain? You are dealing with this problem because you introduced limited functionality around todo lists. Your users are responding to the limitation and asking whether evernote plans on extending functionality in this area or not. I was really hoping to come to your community and find some sort of ideation presence for users to submit or vote on this feature. That way "Evangelists" wouldn't have to subjectively respond to posts, instead objectively stating this is the "x" most requested feature by our users and either in the queue or not for development. A bit disappointed in the quality of the responses here.
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