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  1. I second Tom Hammer. I seriously can't use my iPad or iPhone for reading my own notes in Evernote – the fonts are just too small for my eyesight. As I mentioned before, the ability to zoom font sizes on the Mac (PC too, I assume) version is great. Seems like a small thing but it is such an improvement.
  2. Hey @Bamby - they are still making lots of updates. For example: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/09/12/evernote-7-17-whats-new-ios-10/ The issue is, the app lacks really more obvious core features like the ability to increase font size (you can pinch zoom but this is useless for reading articles) and Find & Replace (you can only find in text - Desktop versions too). I think there is possibly a focus on "Wow" features at the expense of more essential features. Hopefully the Evernote team is listening and will respond eventually.
  3. I'm a Plus user. My eyes are 46 years old. The inability to increase the font size makes studying notes on my mobile devices literally impossible. This is the main reason why I would abandon Evernote. I like to study when I'm out and about, waiting for a train, in a café/bar, etc. I can't with Evernote. Does no one at Evernote have anything other than 20/20 vision ;-) ? On the same note, kudos to the Evernote dev team for finally adding really good text zoom to Evernote for Mac. It makes it a lot easier to work in now. Can't the dev team port the zoom from the Desktop version to the iOS version? Thanks, Pat
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