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  1. I just tested on Evernote for Mac, and when I edit a note and paste a line of text like this into the tag field: test,test2,test3 These get parsed into three separate tags on the note. Would this solve your problem? This technique unfortunately doesn't work in Evernote for Web or Evernote for iOS, and I'm not sure about Windows and Android.
  2. I'm not familiar with S-Note, but are the handwritten notes that you send to Evernote in an image format? If they are, then yes, a Premium account should OCR those handwritten notes and make them searchable. I'd be happy to test this for you on my account if you can send me a sample from S-Note?
  3. I don't know of an off-hand way to create checkboxes in a note via email / Zapier / IFTTT, but there was a similar discussion here - maybe this post contains some answers for you?
  4. I like the bracketing idea, but I think there should also be the option to highlight some text, open the contextual menu, select "Link to Note...", and then search for a note to link the text to. I have a lot of interrelated content that I could connect in this way, and if we had this linking ability the Contextual Suggestions might become even smarter because of it?
  5. Actually, I see the latest version of the iOS app (released on the App Store earlier today) now features the same document picker that I mentioned above!
  6. I've seen this error in the past when my Internet connection was intermittent or slow - have you tried switching to a different wifi network (e.g. at a friend's house) and starting the download there?
  7. Attached are examples of the file selection dialogs in the Todoist and Google Chrome apps. I agree that something like this would be a great feature in Evernote for iOS!
  8. You can see a full list of the tags you have in Evernote for iOS by selecting "Tags" from the home screen - see attached. If you don't see "Tags" on the home screen, you can enable it by tapping on the "gear" (settings) icon top-left, selecting "Customize Home Screen", and switching on "Tags".
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