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  1. I did find both the older versions of Evernote listed above for iPad, I can get them into iTunes and they even load to my iPad during sync, but then fail to complete installation. My guess is that maybe it's because the username of the person who had downloaded those files from the AppStore is not my username, as I see no other differences in the info associated with these apps when compared to any of my other apps that are installed. This problem has gone well beyond annoying. I cannot buy a new set of iPhone and iPad just to run an app, when the devices I have are just fine for everything else. Whereas the other developers seem to be able to either keep backward compatibility, or at least offer last compatible versions for older iOS in the AppStore, Evernote so far fails miserably. Well, at least I won't be upgrading to Premium anytime soon.
  2. Isn't it time that the "last compatible version" option became available for Evernote on the AppStore, given that Apple seems to support that option? I have two perfectly good devices running iOS6. I have absolutely no reason to upgrade to iOS7 for the foreseeable future (probably the next couple of years, until the device batteries give up the ghost). One of the devices (iPhone 4) is not even on the list of supported devices, and the other (iPad2) has significant issues reported by users who have done the iOS7 upgrade. I have no intention of shelling out nearly 1500 Euros to get two brand new devices that I don't need for the next two years, just to get an app running. Unfortunately I've just bought a Livescribe pen that only works with Evernote, so I'm especially annoyed to find out that this app is currently useless for both my mobile devices, when in fact I need it there more than on my desktop computer. All other apps that I have seem to be backward compatible even after updating to the iOS7-compatible version of each. So what's special with Evernote, that it can neither be backward compatible, nor allow downloading of last compatible version (which obviously does exist and did work ok, since it was in use until a couple of months ago)? I wish now I had bought a Capturx pen and gone with Microsoft OneNote instead...
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