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  1. No point in having more than one pair of shoes unless you got more feet..... Most ridiculous argument I've heard so far for a bizar move
  2. Forget about Evernote. These guys have changed their pricing strategy and reduced the use to 2 devices simultaneously and limited the amount of storage, Plus lots of bugs. There are plenty alternatives, including Apple's upgraded Notes app. For free See http://www.cultofmac.com/435780/evernotes-unfortunate-move-makes-notes-look-better-than-ever/
  3. Same here. Trying to clip a web article, the save window pops up, but the note is not created
  4. Evernote has become champion in removing features you paid for, the most recent one being you can only use it on 2 devices, unless you upgrade. At additional cost, of course) Still they ironically address us as "most valuable customers" I am using the old Skitch as well
  5. You assume every Stitch user is using the new version, but I'm sure a fair percentage is not: they are still using the old version, that supports shadows/borders. As long as the guys from Evernote refuse to listen to their users, many of us will cling to the old version. It does all it needs to do.
  6. What I really don't understand is that this discussion is already going on for more than a year and that nothing has happened in the meantime. I am still using the old Skitch version and will continue to do so until I find something better or this feature request is finally honored.
  7. Just reverted to Skitch version 1, mainly because of the drop-shadow feature.
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