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  1. Okay, so to test it wasn't the App Store versions being problematic, I got the direct download of both. Still no joy. http://www.macstories.net/news/evernote-for-mac-gets-direct-skitch-integration/ says "Instead of building a new Skitch inside the Evernote app, the company chose to leverage inter-app communication to keep each app separate and unique, while avoiding the creation of duplicate files and a convoluted experience. " However what I get is exactly what they say I shouldn't get: a Skitch-lite integrated into the Evernote app itself. It's in exactly the places it shows the Skitch integration happening, even. Rightclick or the icon.
  2. So, according to everything I can find, Evernote and Skitch should integrate these days. So on two different Macs I have the latest Evernote and the latest Skitch from the Mac App Store. From what I can find I should get a context menu item and an icon for my attachments that allow me to edit them in Skitch. It's not coming, though. On either of my Macs. My skitch does the sync-to-skitch-notebook-in-evernote thing, but that's pretty limited. And apart from the fact that they're from the Mac App Store (and thus fairly hard sandboxed) I can't think of any reason why. Can't find anything in the preferences for either app that explains it. Does anyone know why this would be happening?
  3. Real undo would be good (especially after you just realize you accidentally hit delete on a note rather than info, simply by clicking a few pixels to the right). However: the deleted notes notebook has a special sort-by-deleted-date parameter. Getting them back if you realize immediately is not *that* hard.
  4. I realise I am slightly necrothreading here, but I do feel this might help future searchers: Crashplan offers unlimited backup of up to 10 computers for between 9 and 14 bucks a month, depending on subscription length. Little under half that for a single PC. You can run the crashplan headless client on most Synology NASes. It's easier on the Intel, but it'll run on the ARMs. And yes, you *can* then back up your entire n TBs of NAS to crashplan. Eventually, at least. Does take a while.
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