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  1. I expressed my interest some time ago, filled in the form, and ... heard nothing. To be honest it seems odd to me that qualified people like myself offer to work for you for free, and you seem too successful even to reply. I love Evernote for personal use, but I am not encouraged to keep promoting it in my seminars when the response from Evernote is non-existent. Why even bother having a program like this if you don't have the resources to keep interested parties engaged?
  2. Hi, I am interested in becoming an Evernote Ambassador. I have made the transition to paperless, and it has been a revolutionary and immensely beneficial process. I have since started consulting in this area. My core business is web development and consulting, but I am looking to shift more focus into paperless consulting. I am very enthusiastic to keep Evernote as a core focus in my seminars and consulting work. Please advise how I can take this further.
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