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  1. I'm not familiar with the technical aspects of laptop displays, but does lowering the resolution fix it (or at least help with the Evernote issue)? Resolution and the font scaling ratio are two independent settings, but in general, if you lower your resolution, say 1600*900, you normally will set down the scaling ratio, possibly 100%. If every computer you work on is on 100% scaling, you will have no problem. Lowering resolution, however, degrades display quality. Ideally, everything in 3200*1800 resolution with 200% scaling will look about the same physical size as a resolution 1600*900 with 100% scaling, but the former is much sharper. Once you get used to 3200*1800, when you switch back to 1600*900, everything will look blurry and unpleasant.
  2. I will keep the Yoga 2, although Evernote is my most used application besides web browser. I am using resolution 2048*1152 with 125% scaling, because of Evernote and Chrome's problem dealing with 200% scaling. I hope Evernote can fix this soon. The biggest problem is the font size inconsistency across different computers. A font size 12 on a 100% scale computer, if read on a 125% scale computer, will be converted to font size 8 or 10 in Evernote, and if you open the note on another computer with scaling ratio 200%, the font size is 5 or 6. This actually looks like some sort of bug instead of just a limitation of Evernote dealing with hi DPI.
  3. Same problem here. Yoga Pro 2 on native 3200*1800 resolution. Evernote windows There are a few different problems - The icons and font selection dropdown box are too small. It's barely usable, but strange looking - The font size in notes vary among different machines that have different scaling factor. In the case of Yoga 2 Pro, the scaling is 200%, my default note font looks okay, but all other fonts that come with the note itself are too small, but if you open the same note on a different computer with 100% scale setting, everything looks fine. Look at the market, high DPI screens are all over the place. Hope the dev team can make this a high priority thing, because your competitions don't have the same issue.
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