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  1. I'm just getting confused because before I even made the first post of this thread I fixed the issue. But you seem to keep posting as if I am still trying to figure it out when this was mostly a rant about what I admit is a minor issue. I had thought I made it clear that it was resolved. Just that it annoyed me that I had to resolve it in the first place. After what I thought were multiple clarifications I began to wonder if you were trolling me a little.
  2. But why would I take out both phones only to put one of them back? After my last post I went ahead and removed my computer, so I am now down to 1 device.
  3. I do not have one device free. I had "3" devices and had to delete one of them. I will have one free if I remove my computer since I am always accessing it online as opposed to using the app.
  4. I deleted the one without a problem. But it wasn't a 2nd iPhone, it was the same iPhone. The only difference was that one had the name I was using, "The Mage's iPhone", and the new name, "Skynet".
  5. I've thought of removing my computer since i never use the app, only using the browser whenever i'm on it
  6. I have the free account, so I am limited to 2 devices. I upgraded to IOS 13, and it caused me to re-login. I login and suddenly it is refusing to let me use it until I delete one of my devices. My computer, my iPhone, or my iPhone. I may have changed the name of my iPhone, but that was quite awhile ago, and I swear I had to log into my devices again since then. It's a minor issue, but still annoying. Since It is using the name of my device I deleted my iPhone I was using. But that brings up the question, what happens if somebody names all their devices the same thing? I would think
  7. I have spent years trying to get myself on some sort of time management system. I have gone through multiple day planners, and nothing, at least with paper, ever worked for me. Years ago I ran into GTD, and it made a lot of sense, and that was the last time I tried to implement a paper planning system. I still have all the folders, but never implemented the system. My issue is that paper really doesn't do it for me. Trying to carry around a planner, and checking it all the time, going through files and folders to manage my time, I just never could do it. But I first started finding success w
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