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  1. I'm just getting confused because before I even made the first post of this thread I fixed the issue. But you seem to keep posting as if I am still trying to figure it out when this was mostly a rant about what I admit is a minor issue. I had thought I made it clear that it was resolved. Just that it annoyed me that I had to resolve it in the first place. After what I thought were multiple clarifications I began to wonder if you were trolling me a little.
  2. But why would I take out both phones only to put one of them back? After my last post I went ahead and removed my computer, so I am now down to 1 device.
  3. I do not have one device free. I had "3" devices and had to delete one of them. I will have one free if I remove my computer since I am always accessing it online as opposed to using the app.
  4. I deleted the one without a problem. But it wasn't a 2nd iPhone, it was the same iPhone. The only difference was that one had the name I was using, "The Mage's iPhone", and the new name, "Skynet".
  5. I've thought of removing my computer since i never use the app, only using the browser whenever i'm on it
  6. I have the free account, so I am limited to 2 devices. I upgraded to IOS 13, and it caused me to re-login. I login and suddenly it is refusing to let me use it until I delete one of my devices. My computer, my iPhone, or my iPhone. I may have changed the name of my iPhone, but that was quite awhile ago, and I swear I had to log into my devices again since then. It's a minor issue, but still annoying. Since It is using the name of my device I deleted my iPhone I was using. But that brings up the question, what happens if somebody names all their devices the same thing? I would think Evernote would be set up to something associated with the phone internally, like the serial number. I intend on upgrading my iPhone soon, and I will name it the same thing and see what happens.
  7. I have spent years trying to get myself on some sort of time management system. I have gone through multiple day planners, and nothing, at least with paper, ever worked for me. Years ago I ran into GTD, and it made a lot of sense, and that was the last time I tried to implement a paper planning system. I still have all the folders, but never implemented the system. My issue is that paper really doesn't do it for me. Trying to carry around a planner, and checking it all the time, going through files and folders to manage my time, I just never could do it. But I first started finding success with setting alarms on my watch, then getting one of those telememo-databank watches. (That might date me a little.) Once I had a phone with a calendar and alarm, I found I quit wearing a watch. I started using Evernote less then a year ago, but never really got it implemented properly. Then the connection between GTD and Evernote was presented to me, though I didn't like that system, so I looked around, and found TSW. I am still fairly new to it all, but it seems to be what I was looking for. I still need to work with it to make it mine, and even now I am searching to find out if there is anything I can add, or some way I can modify it to make it better for me. It took some time for me to figure out how to deal with tags on my mobile devices. (iPhone, and Kindle Fire HDX.) I have found that setting things up on the website, using my desktop has worked the best. And I saved searches for all the numbered tags, and named them for those tags. Then on my iPhone or tablet I simply tap the search icon, and select the tag, such as !Daily, or 1-Now, and it immediately gives me what I need. While Evernote does have an alarm, anytime I have anything with a specific time associated with it, that goes in my Calendar, and only will go into Evernote if I really need some sort of notes or record of the event. I first check my calendar, then !Daily, then 1-Now. Then if I feel like it, I will move to 2-Soon. For projects, I do what is called chunking. Instead of using a list, I break it down into logical groups, and each note takes that logical group, but I try not to have anything that will take more then a day in one note if I can help it. Each note may have a list, but I shortened list, mostly of associated tasks that are done in order, often quickly. I will number the notes 10, 20, 30 to keep them in order. The reason for going 10 at a time is if I need to add a note somewhere in the middle, I won't have to re-number everything. (Stolen idea from programming.) Also if for some reason only part of today's list didn't get done, I will simply create a shortened list of what didn't get done. This project is given a tag so I can look up just the list of that project. Obviously those tags can be used again for similar projects because the old finished projects won't be in the same notebook. I might make a saved search for that specific project, then delete it when the project has completed, unless I will create a new project using the same tag after the first is done. I have noticed some people don't like the structure. I am still working with it, so I will decide if there is another structure I would prefer. Others have made the tags to match the entire GTD system, and that makes sense, but I don't think that is necessary for me, and the way this is designed, I am not sure it needs to be. But that is the point of using a customizable system such as Evernote. Just as I couldn't seem to function well with a paper organizational system, others will find different structures will work better for them. I know plenty of people who deal well with a paper system, and doubt would ever be able to get used to a technological one. (They won't be posting here.) I noticed one person mentioned the lack of a tickler filing system, and another mentioned the tagging to create it. But one of the videos on the TSW's site lists sorting based on time, and mentioned that the time created could be changed to whatever you wanted, so it automatically makes a kind of tickler file. I haven't used this though, haven't needed to yet, so I am not sure how well this works. Also I am still learning how to search multiple tags in a notebook on a mobile device. Right now I am only creating and saving searches on my desktop, and using them on the mobile devices, but I want to keep this to a minimum. Recently I started looking into the If This Then That website. (ifttt.com) This site allows a person to create a "recipie" where actions cause automatic events. Such as tagging a YouTube video for later results in that video being added to a list in Evernote. They have thousands of pre-existing recipes, many for Evernote. I believe you can set it up to automatically foreword all sent email to Evernote. I just discovered this, but I am very interested in it. Lifehack has an article on 35 recipies for it. Here's a YouTube video talking about it. I have a feeling this is going to be a powerful tool to add to this system.
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