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  1. I have Office 2013 and the latest version of Evernote (5.2.1) and the problem still exists. Extra bullets issue is still there and the font size isn't used in the paste (e.g., Tahoma 10 in Evernote pastes as Tahoma 13.5 in Office). Problem exists both in Word and Outlook
  2. I've recently begun using Evernote for much more than I had been. Having all of my content on all my devices is incredibly useful. Unfortunately I've run into exactly the same problem that's being discussed here (and in several other threads as well). Copying from Evernote PC (v 5) and Office 10 (Word, Outlook, PPT) causes formatting to become very screwed up. Bullet lists mis-formatted, fonts and font sizes seemingly randomly changed, etc. Since my adoption of Evernote for increased use a work, I really need these features. My current workaround has been to select the text pasted from E
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