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  1. Yes finally it did start. I tried to work it out myself for many weeks but then Evernote must have finally fixed it. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I have had a Premium subscription for several years. I also have had several extensive discussions with support, especially when the major update first came out. Most of these discussions were less than fruitful. What did help was when EN finally seemed to straighten itself out, as it seemed to do with issue of the endless threads most recently. I know for sure that I didn't fix it. At this point, most of my problems with EN seem to have sorted themselves out but several have lingered and NEW ones continue to arise. I hold my breath that they don't do anything major again that makes the program totally dysfunctional as they have in the past. I don't even bother to report the minor new ones as they arise. And NEVER MIND that the firmware update to my Scan Snap, which I finally applied, has made it cosmically difficult to operate. When I finally got it to work with EN after untold hours on the phone, it now sends files to all sorts of places and I just use my phone to scan things into EN. I'm waiting for the braniacs at EN to restore the path that will make my little brick work again. I think that's on their todo list. Sorry. I know you were just trying to help. L
  3. I am so sick of this. I delete all the threads in the task manager. Reboot etc. Desktop app still does not launch. Hangs and will not open. Works on all my ios devices. Constant problems with the desktop version. In the past, if opened a new note, could get into the program by doing that. Doesn't work this time. Just hangs. Running Windows. Was working until the last update one day ago. I am not reverting to older versions. Why don't they just fix this instead of launching updates that don't work?
  4. So, you have tried other scanners to see if Evernote works with them? I use Scannable (Readdle), but it's not so handy for multi-page documents.
  5. Not a brick as is. It scans perfectly well to folders on my desktop. I scan lots of photos and cards that dont go to Evernote that way. What Evernote has decided to do in it’s wisdom Is eliminate watch i.e.import folders, which worked perfectly well before and imported nicely into Evernote. I hope they had a good reason to eliminate tHat function. So I’ve decided to decline the firmware update for the time being. I can always use the lame Scannable app on my phone to scan into Evernote in a pinch. Works for a page but wouldn’t want to tackle multi page docs. Got me there. i also dislike the idea of Evernote deciding destination folders for my scans. I have that pretty well thought out myself thank you and don’t need to undo their pre-emptive decisions if it comes down to that. Unless they’re now mind readers too. Do any other scanners work with Evernote? Just curious.
  6. Got msg to download the new version of the desktop app. Yay! It crashed immediately and won't load. It says EN is running. I've played that game with it before with their last update. My old version won't load either. And the legacy version cures nothing. Just when it was working..... hah! EN works on my ios devices and on my desktop web-based (Windows 10). Premium user, a very discouraged one. My scanner hasn't worked since the update a few months ago but I don't really want to update the scanner firmware bec if i have trouble from there I need to work with Fujitsu. Once the firmware is updated, Evernote does not consider it their problem any longer. And Evernote won't 'see" any watch folders to import from any longer. Total amateur hour.
  7. It’s possible I neglected to set up Evernote to monitor selected folders. I never had to do that before. My scans always went to one folder, which then brought them into Evernote. Since that no longer works, I can try this. Thanks.
  8. Yes I can create folders and scan to any folder on my desktop. That works fine. But when I tried to import a test file into Evernote earlier it could not see the test file, which was a .jpg. I have scanned .jpg files directly into EN before so not sure why EN did not want to import them. Besides, this is now an extra step.
  9. I did a clean uninstall followed by an install of the latest EN version from filehippo, but it still seems unimproved to me. I know my scanner works, since I can scan items to other folders on my desktop. As I said, they have ruined a great app. We’ll see what they can do but I fear they are too far gone down the wrong path and won’t be able to get back. As I said, I’ve just moved one of my folders to OneNote to see how I like it. Evernote was one of the best apps I had, but I think it's past tense now. I'd be very surprised if they can recover.
  10. I did, but it did not restore my ability to scan items into Evernote or most of the other features I lost. It’s just a barebones nothing burger, my 2 cents. Sadly, the life preserver did not replace the boat. And BTW, I will not even think of calling Fujitsu and messing with my scanner, a ScanSnap IX500, since I know nothing is wrong with the scanner *and* in the past I have spent untold hours getting it to work with Evernote. Finally someone at Fujitsu supplied me with the correct fix after numerous tries. The scanner does not need a firmware or software update. Meanwhile, I am migrating one of my EN folders to OneNote to see how I like it.
  11. Features I use daily? Gone! Features I need? Gone? Integration with my scanner? Gone? Font choices? Numerous >few. Mailed in notes? Hang. Make me, a long-term Premium user, looking for alternatives? You bet. Too bad I just paid for my Premium subscription. Same thing happened to Toodledo BTW. Major screwup at the top. I’m not confident they can fix this. I’ll give them two weeks, then I’m gone. Almost seems like it was intentional, doesn’t it? Or were they so in love with their baby they couldn’t be objective? windows 10 on Desktop IOS peripheral devices P.S. all happy prior to this idiotic unwanted upgrade
  12. EN no longer will import my scanned items into notes since last upgrade. Also, mailed in notes no longer sync. Both are reasons I have a Premium account. Have tried all the usual suggestions. Running EN on Windows 10 desktop and IOS phone and devices. These are improvements?? Horrible disruption.

  13. Same problem here. I use scanning function frequently. Scans are going to the same destination (path) as before the upgrade, but NOT appearing in EN. Get error message that essentially tells me nothing. Bummer.
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