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  1. Reading a little more about the perils of implementing a text editor in HTML... https://www.mutuallyhuman.com/blog/the-curious-case-of-cursor-jumping/ It seems likely that the source of all these recent cursor jumping issues*, is with the inline manipulation of text, and/or the auto-save feature. For things like the auto-creation of numbered and bullet lists, heading styles, text entry need to be intercepted and analysed in real time, if the cursor position isn't tracked properly, this can lead to unanticipated cursor repositioning from the user's perspective. It seems like there's known fixes for a lot of these issues, but the more inline automated text manipulation you do, the more testing, checking and careful cursor repositioning your code needs to handle. So it looks to me like this is a matter of priorities - Evernote seems to be prioritising the release of shiny new features over application stability and predictable performance. New features are great, but only if they don't break basic expected functionality, like, you know, being able to enter text. --- * - There's been at least 3 separate cursor jumping issues that we've been afflicted with recently: 1. Cursor randomly jumps to the start of the note (fixed, for now) 2. Cursor jumps back one character after entering the first word on a new line (fixed, for now) - and; 3. Cursor jumps over the following word when editing within an existing text block (still not fixed reliably)
  2. Thanks PinkElephant, that's good to know. This has been happening to me a lot the last few days. The first 2 or 3 times I open a note, it's "View Only", if I keep going back to the Notes list and re-opening the note, I eventually get the Edit option. I'll try leaving Evernote open in the foreground and see if it makes a difference.
  3. Yeah, ok, maybe I'm underestimating how hard it is to write a HTML based text editor. Web based email client have been around for a very long time though; and I'm entering text in a HTML based editor right here in this low cost forum software with no issues at all. All software has bugs. My main issue is when really bad ones get through testing, and take a very long time to fix. Then when they do get fixed, they get re-introduced later. That's not a coding difficulty problem, it's a lack of testing, care and/or attention.
  4. This issue was fixed for me in a recent version but this bug was introduced... I lodged a support ticket for that "jumping back one character" bug, and it was fixed in 10.12, which is great, but that version reintroduced the "jumping over the next word" problem. I remember writing a basic text editor in an introductory programming course, I really don't understand why it's so hard to support basic text entry without the cursor weirdly jumping all over the place! I don't care about the new "Tasks" thing when I came even enter and edit text properly.
  5. Got a response to my support ticket... --- Please be advised that Evernote is totally aware of this issue and rests assured that our development team is already working hand in hand to get this issue sorted out as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize that we provided you this experience. It is the exact opposite of what we pride ourselves on. We value our customers and understand how important it is to offer you exceptional service. ---
  6. Seems to mostly happen on the first word on a new line. See below for an example. I've submitted a support request including this video. screen-20210608-202758~2.mp4
  7. The cursor jumping back one character happens to me too, it's infuriating! Seems random, but seems to happen with certain words more than others. Maybe every 5 to 10 words at a guess, and I don't tend to notice to a few words later, so have to go back and correct half a sentence.
  8. Stagnating would be fine, it's the actively going back and breaking things that have work fine for years that's the problem!
  9. The stop-gap "solution" of using the classic editor has revealed another issue... When I edit an existing note in the classic web editor, then view that note in the Android or Windows client, the size of the new/updated text is different. If I then update the text size on Android or Windows, it is different again when viewed in the legacy web client, and vice versa. Setting the text size in one client (Android, web classic, web new, Windows new or Windows "Legacy") seems to be interpreted differently by every other client! Text colours are also inconsistent between platforms, which I have flagged in another thread. I've tried the "Simplify Formatting" button to try and fix up the inconsistent text size, but that also behaves differently on different platforms (ie. whether it removes the text colour, what size the text ends up being afterwards, and whether it removes bold/italic settings). I found this (made up) quote on a Reddit thread which seems sadly accurate... From Evernote's CEO: I'm back to using the new web editor, editing text in Windows Notepad and pasting it in to avoid the classic editor messing up the text formatting. Making a text editor with consistent functionality across multiple platforms must be harder than it looks, but it is pretty core functionality for a note-taking platform! I don't care about fancy new features if I can't consistently author and edit text!!! I've been playing with Notion, and it loads notes (even really long ones) extremely quickly, text editing (including size and colour) is consistent across Windows, Web and Android, and whilst it's missing some Evernote features that I would miss, it has some additional ones that look really nice. I was a very early user of Evernote, I have loved it for over a decade, and have recommended it to lots of people. I really don't want to move 1,000s of notes to a new platform, but unfortunately Evernote seems to be getting worse and worse and if things don't improve soon I may be left with no choice.
  10. Add me to the list of users experiencing this problem for the last week or so. Win 10 with Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) Cursor regularly jumps to the top of the note, duplicate notes being created and long pauses while saving (ie. the characters I've typed will stop appearing on the screen, and eventually catchup after a 5-20 seconds). As others have said, this is unusable in it's current state. I've taken to typing out blocks of text in Notepad and pasting them in. This is ridiculous.
  11. This drives me crazy too! I spend a lot of time setting the text colour on one device, then carefully copy/pasting that text before editing it on another device to try and keep the colour consistent across a note - but even that doesn't work all the time, with seemingly random colour changes that then seem to become "sticky" and hard to fix. I'm ok with whatever colour palette we get, but I just want it to be the same on every device!
  12. Is it just me, or is this finally fixed?!?! I've got v8.3 and I can copy and paste text, with formatting, and it doesn't turn into a garbled mess! Amazing! Finally! Welcome to the future! Unfortunately it also automatically creates bullet points, which I hate, and I can't find a way to turn it off!
  13. Based on Alexa stats it looks like Evernote's popularity is falling, but it's still very popular... 494th most popular site in the world down from 350th a year ago.
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