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  1. Is it just me, or is this finally fixed?!?! I've got v8.3 and I can copy and paste text, with formatting, and it doesn't turn into a garbled mess! Amazing! Finally! Welcome to the future! Unfortunately it also automatically creates bullet points, which I hate, and I can't find a way to turn it off!
  2. Based on Alexa stats it looks like Evernote's popularity is falling, but it's still very popular... 494th most popular site in the world down from 350th a year ago.
  3. Any update on when/if this will ever be fixed? All I want to be able to do is paste some text into a note without the format getting all messed up!
  4. BTW, I have raised a support ticket. Also, I've installed the Google Chrome Evernote Web App, and it's surprisingly good! In fact (unfortunately) I'd say it's better than the full Windows client.
  5. Add me to the growing list of affected users. I've been happily using the Windows client for years on multiple computers without any issues, but yesterday I started having regular pauses and "Not Responding" in the title bar. The pauses happen when I'm typing and can be from a few seconds up to 10 or 15 seconds and happen at random intervals. Sometimes it will happen every couple of sentences, often it happens multiple times within one word or sentence. It catches up with my typing when it unfreezes, but this is extremely annoying! I've actually reverted to using the web client, because as of yesterday the Evernote Windows client is unusable.
  6. I've also posted this issue (actually replied to somebody else who posted about it) in the Swype Bug Reports forum... http://forum.swype.com/showthread.php?13382-Selection-issues-in-Evernote
  7. FYI, Evernote support were able to recreate this issue and have logged an internal bug report with the QA team, although they were not able to tell me when it will be fixed. Nice to know that it will be fixed eventually!
  8. Thanks Gazumped, I've just logged a support request.
  9. I have posted about this previously, but I'm still having the same issue, and I think it's a bug introduced in the Evernote Android client around the end of last year. The issue is with double tapping a word to select it when using the Swype keyboard. It works in every other Android app, but does not work in Evernote. I can select a word by long press, but double tap is much faster. When I double tap a word in Evernote, it briefly selects it, then moves the cursor one space past the end of word, leaving nothing selected. The little caret to move the cursor around also briefly appears then disappears. My previous post about the issue is here... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/47182-latest-android-client-issues-double-tap-missing-cursor-and-no-blank-lines/ I thought at that stage that the issue happened with all keyboards, but I have since isolated it to the Swype keyboard on Evernote only. To clarify, I can double tap to select a word in Evernote with any keyboard other than Swype, and I can double taps to select a word with the Swype keyboard in every other app except for Evernote. The issue only appears with Swype in Evernote, and it only started late last year, earlier versions of the Android client were fine. I have verified this issue on multiple phones (HTC One, HTC One XL, Samsung Galaxy S) and a Nexus 7 tablet. Every time a new version of the Android client is released, I hope that this issue is resolved, but no luck so far.
  10. Thanks Braden, those tips work great. I've added a few blanks lines at the end of my notes and just put a full stop there and it works great The tap and hold blank space to bring back the caret works great too, it's slower than just tapping once like every other Android app on the planet, but like you said it's better than nothing. I know regression testing is difficult when new features are being added and other bugs being fixed, but it's really annoying when a new version with no visible improvements (that are relevant to me anyway) breaks things that used to work fine! I've still got a major issue where the Android app changes coloured text back to black for me... I could put up with these issues if that was fixed!
  11. There are three things that I do all the time in Evernote on Android, and they don't seem to work in the latest version... Issue 1 - blank lines automatically removed When writing notes, I tend to leave a few extra lines at the end of the note so that if I have to move the cursor around for corrections, I don't accidentally hit the text formatting buttons. If I put some carriage returns at the end of a note to leave a few spare lines, the latest version of the Android client seems to remove them when I save the note and reopen it. This is quite annoying, as I tend to append to notes regularly, having to add these lines every time is a pain. Especially as I don't get the little caret below the cursor any more either, see below... Issue 2 - missing cursor caret In other android apps, if I click somewhere in text that I'm editing, I get a little arrow below the cursor to help me move the cursor around to the right location. In Evernote, I don't seem to get this any more. I'm using Swype, but I've tried changing back the standard keyboard and it does the same thing, and it works fine in GMail and other apps. Issue 3 - double tap Previously, I used to be able to double tap a word to select it, in the latest version if I double tap a word, it selects briefly, with arrows under each end which would enable me to expand or cantract the selection and an edit menu flashes up, but then 1 second later it unselects and the edit menu dissapears. I can still get the same functionality by doing a long press on a word, but double tap is much faster, so having to long press instead slows me down quite a bit. Double tap and long press used to do the same thing, the latest version seems to have broken double tap behaviour. Evernote is still my favourite Android app by far, but these 3 things that seem to have turned up in the latest version slow down note taking for me quite a bit, and earlier versions didn't have these issues, which is quite frustrating!
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