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  1. We are constantly looking at ways to ramp up security to reduce incidents and risk. We recently disabled Flash on most machines. Web Clipper no longer works. The Android App, I believe, runs Flash Free. What is the roadmap for the Chrome browser plug-in, or do I need to find another tool to replace Evernote.
  2. I took the pictures with the Evernote App. I tried both the native camera and another "document scanning" type app and both were fine. I used the workaround you suggested for now, but it really slows me down on adding multiple pics, commenting, etc. Thank you.
  3. Nexus 7, android 4.3, Evernote 5.5 r AM-55_381 Just took a half dozen or so pictures of a whiteboard (like I have done many times, but not in the last week or so). They all came out mirrored with the text backwards. I reported a ticket, but does anyone else have workarounds? Need to take a bunch of pictures today for docuementation of a project, and this has me sitting dead in the water. . . .
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