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  1. Just because you can't imagine a use case for a feature doesn't mean a valid use case doesn't exist. For instance: I'm a Business User. My company has four employees: Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice. Each has his own shared notebook with me and me alone, because in most cases, they have their own responsibilities and don't want/need to share information with anyone else in the company. But sometimes I go through the web and I see pages that are applicable to Bob and Carol, but not Ted or Alice. Or Carol and Alice, but not Bob or Ted. I want to forward information to relevant people and not bug those who don't need to see it. In fact, I may want to share resumes with Bob, Carol, and Ted about who's going to replace Alice, because she's not responding well to user feedback and I need to fire her. It's impractical and unreasonable to give each employee several notebooks that cover every sharing permutation case. With five people in the company, that quickly becomes unwieldy. The elegant solution is to allow me to share a document with more than one person at a time in one than one notebook. Tags won't do this. If Evernote isn't engineered to do it, fine. Say so. Then fix it or say why it can't be fixed. But please don't tell me people don't need it. People do. I sure do.
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