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  1. Is there any time frame on this? The inability to copy notes is exceeding frustrating and makes the Android client all but useless for adding information. Thansk I rather doubt the lack of this feature makes the Android client "all but useless". Errr, Actually I rather think it DOES make it all but useless.. How great is it that you have to create every single note from scratch, what kind of a design team would come up with a concept like that!!! It is absolute insanity, I want to be able to create a todo list and then make copies of it, I might want one for this week and one for next week, maybe one for each day of the week - I have to make every one from scratch in what is probably the worst editing environment in an android app I have encountered to date... Fantastic that I can add images etc to my notes to make them more visually appealing, except of course doing that OVER AND OVER AGAIN will get tiring very quick, so quick in fact that I never got as far as note number two! How difficult is it to have a 'Save As' link in the menu as well as the Save one, a couple of lines of code at the most I expect, yet no one in the design team has the common sense to see how great a benefit such a tiny addition would make! That really speaks volumes about the company and the bs it will force its uses to endure. So yes it absolutely does make it all but useless, and it abslolutely resulted in me NOT going to premium service, and will result in me uninstalling the app shortly and using something else that has actually been given a little thought on behalf of the users!
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