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  1. I finally just uninstalled the darn thing. This is how I felt every time.... Awwwww....it was funny, right?
  2. Same thing here. Safari 7.0 and web clipper. Every time I reset Safari, my home page opens up AND the Evernote home page. So, essentially, I've got TWO tabs open. Yup -- I can close one, but I shouldn't have to. This has happened ever since I installed the web clipper -- since waaay back when. Whenever it was introduced! So, really, for me, there's been no "stable" version of OSX & Safari. I started with Lion, and am now at Mavericks. I hope there can be some solution. I'd hate to uninstall it, but it's *just* annoying enough....ya know? Another question I have -- does a
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