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  1. My original problem when I started this thread is now resolved with Safari 7.0.1 just released by Apple. No more freezes finally!
  2. Looks like my finding were not correct, WebClipper extension now does not make any difference for Safari freezes. Appologies for that. I need to continue searching.
  3. After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Safari started to freeze on certain sites. After several attempts I realized this is cause by EN Web Clipper extension for Safari. When the extension is turned off, Safari works like a charm and loads all content smoothly. Anyone else experiencing this issue with Web Clipper? Any expectations for a fix? BTW, I don't like the new Web Clipper, arrived yesterday I believe. It now requires to Save the clipping with a button which is all the way in the opposite corner of Safari windows. So I click Web Clipper, then move mouse pointer all the way to the opposite corner, then focus on the buttons to hit Save and not hit Share. Then saving progress and related items is shown in the upper right corner of Safari window overlapping web content and after several seconds I have to dismiss the dialog confirming the save. The previous version did not require the dismiss click and did not force me to travel around all screen. Thank you.
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