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  1. Yes I confirm as a user that it seems to be Cybersec. I had it checked and now Ive unchecked EN syncs again. It was syncing before no problem with Cybersec checked but for a couple of days has been having issues.
  2. So sorry! Im *frustrated*! Super helpful reply so thank you very much for that. Ill roll back I think. I appreciate people use this software/widget for all sorts of purposes so perhaps they might be happier. Maybe not, if others are rolling back too.
  3. new issue. It doesnt work! It seems to crash or have some kind of script conflict on Chrome/Mac to try to add tags. It does not accept adding a default tag in the options panel, and also wont allow tags to be added in the save panel... see screenshots. Not sure why your broke it, as the widget itself seems to do exactly what it did before update, but now doesn't work. Well done.
  4. Thanks. My moan/criticism is about the clunky ugly design, not the functionality. I had no problems with any of the functions listed in that post as issues I love the functionality. I find it very efficient and useful. But current design interface takes up twice as much space on the viewport for no reason whatsoever!! Sadly, its another case of too many developers, or designers in this case.
  5. Evernote have recently redesigned their browser add on (Chrome). It is now clunky and horrible. Previously it was slick and very efficient. Please return it to former glory and fire your new interface designers. I am a Premium user of several years.
  6. There won't be a fix. You have to upgrade your Mac. Upgrading to Yosemite 10.10.5 will sort everything out.
  7. Yes, kwardduo is right. I just updated to Yosemite 10.10.5 and all seems to be working. All icons are now viewable.
  8. I have submitted a support ticket and linked to this forum thread. I suggest everyone does that because its now been broken for a while (nearly a month) and nothing is being done. Im a premium user, I need this sorting out!
  9. Ive been hoping this would get a fix. But not yet (as of 28/4/17). Even if you log out, reboot and then Evernote launches its initial panel, all the icons are obliterated. It is making it VERY difficult to use. Please get a fix sorted out!
  10. Exactly my problem (i created another thread as didnt find this one when searching). My system is Mac Yosomite 10.10.1 on MBPro 13" (2014). Evernote just upgraded to 6.11. Ive rebooted twice, as well as signed out and in, nothing cures the issue. This also affects highlighted text, even search highlights are obfuscated the same way. ALL icons are obfuscated.
  11. Ive updated a couple of days ago to Version 6.11 (454874 Direct). Ever since, none of the evernote GUI icons are parsing properly. Ive restarted twice. No joy. Is anyone esle getting this? See screenshot.
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