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  1. I find this a flagrant abuse of Evernote users who innocently share a document via a URL to someone without Evernote. Evernote should require an opt-in flag for their Premium users. For the free users Evernote should at the very least provide a notification on the "Share" UI that this would occur. Evernote staff: consider this a formal request to provide this in a near future release. I will also submit a support ticket with this request. support ticket #283625.
  2. Unfortunately the knowledge base had nothing regarding these alternate ways you mention... unless I'm blinder than I thought... I find using the KB generally frustrating as I have to go through gobs of notes to try to find what I'm looking for... not workable as a user guide
  3. like: click in the tag tree all of the tags I want to apply and then drag them over onto a note or set of notes this obviously doesn't work, but is there another way to add a set of tags as a group rather than: click "click here to add tag", thenfind and select tag, thenclick "click here to add tag", thenfind and select tag, thenclick "click here to add tag", thenfind and select tag, thenetc. etc.
  4. ok... tested on another computer that had no info re: Evernote... see it clearly now...
  5. How about setting multiple tags at once? If this tag stuff exists in some documentation somewhere, I'd appreciate a link to it.
  6. thanks a bunch.... I see how that works now... sometimes after I select a few notes, the hot spots are not active... but it seems to come around again with some fiddling.
  7. I'm just getting started so I have a lot of similar docs to scan in. Is there a way to select a set of them and apply the same tag to all notes in the set?
  8. Do you think they might have stopped it already? I just sent an email to one of my alternate eaddy's and didn't see anything. Where was it coming up?
  9. Will this feature be available in the Windows edition?
  10. No I had done all that already... I was ready to buy if I got good answers to my final concerns. In fact I was ready to buy if I got ANY answers to my final concerns. Really? you're comparing Evernote to Nikon or Canon? (Have you noticed that they sell retail and some of those folks actually help you). And no, I don't feel excluded... I have no expectations of BEING INCLUDED. And I REALLY dislike evangelism. This isn't high school and Evernote isn't a club, but I think you've hit on something. The more matchy, matchy T-shirts and tote bags, the more users helping users (cause Evernote isn't much), the more it is presented as a PRIVILEGE to own the EN special scanner ("OMG, it even has the elephant logo on it"), the more Evernote feels like a club. Reminds me of when IBM rolled out the first pc in the early 80's and offered no support,but friendly user groups formed and it was users helping users and IBM ignoring the pleas of their plaything customers. Well, we all know how that turned out. Having said all that, I like the Evernote app (although it hugely pales in comparison to Lotus Notes -- even as it was in the mid-90's) and they are likely to have some stiff competition... already do from what I can see. I wish them the best... I sincerely hope they have a good look at themselves and realize that customer service goes a LOT further than "the best font in the world". Have a blast!
  11. Sorry you feel/ felt ignored, but my query still applies: Evernote have a website, help screens, FAQs, a responsive (mainly) Support team for feedback and tech issues, this forum, the YouTube channel, a blog, various get-togethers and conferences... they do as much as possible to get the community feeling out there. If there's something more you can suggest I'm sure they'll take it on board.. You make it sound like a potential new customer is already part of this "community"... which is an invalid assumption. I found out about Evernote, tried it out, wanted to buy the EN scanner but had a few questions. It isn't unreasonable to expect some interaction before making a decision about their customized scanner. At the time I didn't know that their staff conducted this interaction via the forum... I used the "support" form on their web site which is targeted towards existing Premium and Business customers... I didn't hear back in a reasonable time. I saw some red flags (like a virtual no-return policy) and I needed to check them out. Chat was never available no matter what time I checked; the site indicates it is for Premium and Business customers. The "support" form was set up for an existing customer who has a problem.. check out the drop down selection boxes... none apply to a pre-sales question. In any case my query (via the support form) wasn't responded to until Jacko intervened. What I suggest is that Evernote management make a distinction between an existing paying customer who is already part of their "community" (and thus knows about all the resources you mention) and a potential new customer (who doesn't and has some reasonable questions to be answered before committing to this or that service or product -- and I'm not talking about their latest T-shirt or pair of socks) and give the latter reasonable access... like a form or chat availability from their web site to answer pre-sales questions without waiting for days to hear back. This isn't rocket science... just basic good business sense.
  12. I'm talking about pre-sales conversation... I don't think there are that many non-Evernote users just getting started that need to know more about their product which is pricey (the EN scanner) but even an email within 24 hours would have been welcome.
  13. @ Grand Moff Houston: can you please give me the URL for the EN Business website? I'm debating whether or not to become a Business member or just a Premium member... this might help. TIA
  14. For your first question, check out postings in Evernote Market forum topic.
  15. Evernote is way behind the times re: customer service. If they monitor this forum they no doubt realize that by now. Here is a phone number for billing issues: 650-257-0885 No one answers, but you can leave a voice message. Here's what they ask you to say in your v.m.: Name, email address, Evernote username, payment method, invoice #, last 4 digits of credit card used, amount of payment, reason for calling. This just seems like a hassle / discouragement approach since with just the invoice # they would have nearly all of that information other than reason for calling. Still at least you feel like you may get a response (although I didn't). Either they are overwhelmingly understaffed in this department (customer service) or they just don't see the need. Maybe this is the standard in other countries; certainly not in the U.S. I get better/easier access to the I.R.S., hardly a high bar of customer service. I suspect the latter since they spent gobs of money on developing a fancy font for their biz2 product. Apparently they are riding the wave of a loyal, enthusiastic customer base however this discourages new customers who haven't developed that sentiment yet. They lost a sale with me as I was ready to buy the EN scanner until I experienced their lack of customer service directly.
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