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  1. I couldn't find a source for 5.4 that I completely trusted the look of. Are there are links direct via evernote or google play or similar?
  2. Same issue on my Nexus 4 phone - again, was using happily in meetings etc. with a perixx bluetooth keyboard. No-one else here seems to have noted it, but the keys it doesn't work for are all shortcut keys. So, for example, I and B: you could usually use CTRL+I or B to get italics or bold. When I use shift I or B, I get the same behaviour: the shortcut, not the capital letter I'm meant to get. Shift + W closes the note I'm working on, so that's not ideal! Is no-one else getting that? The shift key is, for me at least, now doing what the CTRL key should be doing. (The CTRL key still has that function too). Seems like that should be an easy fix...? I sent the support report as suggested.
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