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  1. Oh boy... great. I have only recently came upon situations in which I needed to export to something like Word. I exported as an HTML, but the note failed to format properly. It wasn't a horrible mess, but required fixing if I wanted to make it look reasonably readable for the recipient. Both Google Docs and Word produced some errors in formatting the HTML. I use a lot of bullets in my writing. They come through, but the indents can be way off. Evernote feels light and efficient in use, but don't like the idea of being trapped in this sketchy format. I may have to migrate to another note-taking solution before getting too dependent upon Evernote....just don't like the idea of feeling stuck with HTML or PDF. Amazing that there isn't some sort of Evernote "add on" that will allow nice, tight conversions. Google Docs may be my next choice. Imperfect, but cheap ...allows offline work... and the format is readily recognized or converted. I'll make the decision when this year's Evernote subscription ends (and no better solutions are found).
  2. I just did a search for a dedicated Chromebook Evernote application.... one in which I can use my premium version to keep notes offline and ready. There aren't many devices like the Chromebook: dirt cheap, solid state, durable "ultrabooks"... the form factor beats tablets (even the tablet w/ keyboard) for heavy, note taking usage. I may resort to an Ipad with a keyboard..... but please don't make me do that! (side note: I'm assuming that the Evernote app DOES work like the desktop app on the iPad.)
  3. It appears that the notes I take on the Evernote web sight leaves my note so that it messes up my use of the notes when on my Android. If I use the desktop evernote software, there are no issues going to and from my phone.
  4. After googling, I see that not all notes retain usable formatting across all platforms... I do use a lot of bullet-ed lists and indentations
  5. I was recently at a work location where I was taking notes (in Evernote).... for a while, I was using a 4 year old Mac computer using the website version of Evernote. Then, I had to move to another location so I used my phone to continue taking notes. Unfortunately, I was stuck with that "insert text here... this note has unsupported formatting". What? I took the notes *in* evernote! I can understand if I had imported something from some off-brand location. Once I get that "unsupported formatting" warning, the note becomes nearly useless to me for continued note taking. What can I do about it? Why does this happen? It has happened before (the unexplained "unsupported..." thing), but I was unable to remember where I was or what I did. This time around, I can remember the routine that led to the warning. Any ideas for this newbie?
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