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  1. My productivity is completely screwed up since several weeks now and Mac OS X Sierra is not a beta anymore. With the increase of the price of the subscription, this kind of trouble is unacceptable. I'm currently looking for an alternative, because Evernote tires me.
  2. No because if you edit a pdf who is stored anywhere else than Evernote, you don't have this problem.
  3. Same here, I'm becoming mad because of this.
  4. I love your product, but honestly for a student, $25 is to expensive for a subscription… In my opinion this price is great for a definitive price, but for a subscription, $15 / year seems more affordable.
  5. the setting for disable keyboard shortcuts doesn't works. Can you fix that ? Because in a french keyboard instead of the " ' ", there is the " @ ". Consequently, I can't type my email adress or I can not use twitter without opening the Evernote clipper when I type "@" Thank you in advance !
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