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  1. It does NOT work for me either. I go to Tools > Options > Note > Note Font and set Segoe UI 11. I then make a new note but the defaults are the same as before: Tahoma 9 If I go back to Tools > Options > Note > Note Font I still see Segoe UI 11 Windows 7, EverNote version
  2. The fact is I have only 820 notes, I discovered tags, I read a few articles on tags and I feel like there is too much work to do just to create them and keep them in order. I love EN because it makes my life easier by helping me store a lot of things (allost all of them). But things begin to pile up and my life is getting harder than before, because then I didn't know about EN. Now I need a system that provides power and control at the same time. Now I understand that tags help you connect notes that have one particular thing in common, even if that thing is not contained in (all of) the notes. A tag can also represent an ideea, a feeling etc. Thank you all for your answers.
  3. Thank you for your quick response. See? This is exactly what I cannot understand. I only need to store and retrieve information quickly. Why do I need a structure? Why do I need to navigate instead of going directly where I need to? You say "don't tag just because you think you need to". How can I tag so I can get more than Evernote is already giving me? How can a note not contain all the information I need to search for it? I may be a bit lazy but right now reorganizing all my notes by tagging them doesn't seem to pay off.
  4. It may seem like a childish question but Why do I have to tag my notes? Yes, I know it helps me categorize notes and a note can be in 2 or more categories (folders) at the same time but what is the final benefit of this? I'm asking this because I find it much to difficult and time consuming to do all these: - tag every note: writing the tags - thinking of the names of new tags - keep the order in tags - control clicking and scrolling through hundreds (maybe thousands) of tags (when you search info) ...instead of just type the keywords whenever I need a piece of information. The result is the same but without consuming so much time and effort by tagging every note. Moreover, when you search information just by typing the keywords Evernote gives you notes with those keywords highlighted ;-) Am I missing something?
  5. Hi, I have the exact same issue. I've just created a second account for my team and trying to test it, I shared a notebook from my second account to my first one (2->1). I got the annoying error message and after that I tried the other way arround: sent an invitation from my first account to my second one(1->2) and it worked. Tried again 2->1 with no luck. Tried again 1->2 worked again. First I did all that from the same laptop. After receiving the error message I tried also with a desktop, tablet and phone. No luck. I even tried heather's method but it didn't work. I also tried to unshare the notebook but it looked like it wasn't shared to anyone. What else can I do? Thanks
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