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  1. What do we usually do to bring order to our notes? - CMD + L. Change the title - CMD + ‘. Add tags. - CMD + CTRL + M. Move to another notebook. - CMD + SHIFT + F. Clear format to get rid of visual garbage. 4 different patterns for 4 most common operations aimed at the same goal. Seriously?? If Evernote is indeed for proffesionals, there should be the option to change shortcuts. Not only those called "global" - all of them! Thank you.
  2. I find it convenient in three ways: shorter distance to move the finger, cleaner screen (no fingerprints), and most important - up and down exactly one screen, so that one knows where the next unread line is located. A lot of other reading apps support this pattern, to name just few of them - Moon+ Reader, Cool Reader, Pocket, etc.
  3. Dear developers! Clearly gives us а great possibility to store articles in Evernote to read them later. It would be much more convenient is we have got the possibility to scroll the notes with Up-Down volume buttons. Thank you for your work.
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