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  1. By Topic, each note that is created is " a topic " so if you want to argue terminology, that is what I mean... I have over 500 notes in my Evernote.... when I search for WiFi up comes a bunch of "Topics" or "Notes" whichever you prefer that are listed in the left-hand Window Pane, the right side shows the text starting at the Very Top of each note. That is a PITA, it should popup the Search Term in each note immediately so that I can see if that note is relevant to my particular "WiFi" lookup... I work in Electronics, and keep a huge amount of notes on everything by "Topic" and
  2. go to this link and pick any of the older versions, that is what I had to do when the new "upgrades" landed in the Pig Slop Trough. https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/
  3. I have the app on my Win7 PC, and I use it a lot more via the online web through Firefox browser via several laptops, and I have it on my Samsung Note 4 cellphone. In all cases, the search will show up a list of "topics" but it is NOT plain as to which ones actually contain the search term. My big frustration with it, is that it used to Popup in each topic direct to the Search Term..... now it don't.... When it upgraded a few years back, the experience was so lousy and features disappeared, that I deleted the new version and reinstalled the old version on the Win7 PC.
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