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  1. I work on both Windows and Mac so my color is Sublime Text, but that software is not the issue here and neither is the font choice as far as I am concerned. I just need raw text that I can be 100% sure that I can use again without having to go through it to see if there is a line break (or worse) that has sneaked its way in there in the meantime. So my Christmas wish is actually very simple. Colors and numbers and code help is bonus...
  2. Also need this feature badly. All of us who do not need services like GitHub or Bitbucket, or can figure them out, need a place to store, organize and share code snippets - and Evernote would be the perfect place... It would be great with color formatting and so on, but I would be satisfied if I could just click a button and the text would be monotype with line numbers and raw text. I have experienced that copy/pasting from Evernote would mess up my snippets with line breaks, additional spaces etc. cheeatz.com is a good start but just as Gist/Zapier/Evernote it is just to much work getting it done. Merry Christmas...
  3. Just wondering how it was you contacted the Business team? I'd love to circle back to see where your request is in our system. http://evernote.com/intl/da/business/contact-us/
  4. Unfortunately my customer can not wait much longer, so we have been forced to look at alternative methods like Google Apps... Perhaps I am still able to have them combine it with Evernote somehow, but they are quickly loosing their patience with us. After an upgrade of the FirstClass client, we have been able to make an reasonable export from FirstClass getting all files and folders (and emails in xml and txt with images in a folder). The customers has agreed to manually move emails from folders and conferences. I have tried with different automated services like cloudHQ and Zapier getting files imported to Evernote as separate files and folders, but they are putting all files into one notebook. The 250 notebooks and 2 levels makes it a hard task to sell an otherwise excellent product. One thing I am been waiting for from the Evernote Business team for many days is an answer to how many levels I can create notebooks in Evernote Business compared to Evernote Premium. Do you know that? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. The first problem lies in getting mails, images and documents out of FirstClass - and the the next issue would be the 2GB monthly upload limit (the FirstClass PostOffice is 16GB).
  6. Do anyone have an idea what I can do here - besides give up and leave them on FirstClass? I will never be able to move all the content one item at a time...
  7. Well, I cannot get files and mails from folders using IMAP as they show up empty, so any advise here is appreciated. I need this to be able to sell the idea of Evernote to the customer. Each of their folders/conferences can contain files, messages or both. I also have to know if the 2GB limit per user can be overruled the first time we hopefully has the ability to convert the FirstClass Postoffice...
  8. Great! What I need is a way to migrate my customers data from many OpenText FirstClass conferences to Evernote Business notebooks - emails, pictures, PDF, Word, Excel etc. I think I can get IMAP access to the FirstClass system, but as far as I can figure out, this will only give me access to their Inbox and subfolders. One thing to remember is that we need to maintain the original dates and sender info so the history also will be available. They have 9 seats, and have used FirstClass since... well forever - so it is a lot of information and a lot of history. The FirstClass Post Office is 16GB. This also has to be considered in terms of daily/monthly limits... Looking forward to hear from you! /Kristian
  9. Hello! I would like to migrate a customers FirstClass post office to an Evernote Business solution. Is there any way to do that? Thanks! /Kristian
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