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  1. I work on both Windows and Mac so my color is Sublime Text, but that software is not the issue here and neither is the font choice as far as I am concerned. I just need raw text that I can be 100% sure that I can use again without having to go through it to see if there is a line break (or worse) that has sneaked its way in there in the meantime. So my Christmas wish is actually very simple. Colors and numbers and code help is bonus...
  2. Also need this feature badly. All of us who do not need services like GitHub or Bitbucket, or can figure them out, need a place to store, organize and share code snippets - and Evernote would be the perfect place... It would be great with color formatting and so on, but I would be satisfied if I could just click a button and the text would be monotype with line numbers and raw text. I have experienced that copy/pasting from Evernote would mess up my snippets with line breaks, additional spaces etc. cheeatz.com is a good start but just as Gist/Zapier/Evernote it is just to much work getting it done. Merry Christmas...
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