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  1. Thx, JM - I appreciate that - I did have a paid version of SnagIt on PC...it's a little older - I think they upgraded it - but, you're right - I think Skitch was pretty simple...til they "made it better"!! I'll give SnagIt a try on the Mac...
  2. I'm in process of making switch from PC to Mac and, of course, finding the differences in some apps... 1st & foremost, what makes the Skitch/Evernote folks think for a millisecond that I'd want to save every screenshot I ever take to Evernote?? On PC, it's beautifully simple to save the shot virtually anywhere...on Mac, "Skitch automatically saves your image to your Evernote account as an attachment to a new note." Well, aren't you thoughtful. Sounds like a simple scam to jack up folks' storage / force upgrade to Premium. Actually, it moves me a little closer to dumping Evernote/Skitch altogether. It just got a whole lot "clunkier"... BTW - I'm a premium user; have been for a long time: I don't care for the Ads...er..."Context" at the bottom [if they were merely suggestive/context, I wouldn't need to see brands like "Forbes", "WSJ", etc.] Also - how about that annoying "Save PDF to Evernote" box on every PDF I open outside Evernote? That it's easy to save stuff to Evernote is one of it's core attributes. Please lose the annoying box. It's in the way. [but it does help pump up those storage numbers!!] Why does it seem companies get successful, then fast forward to greedy? Or "proprietary"? ["Apple & Google Maps" type stuff.] It never works...at least, not for long. How about just making a better product? e.g. PC edition: for a long time, screenshots have been tough to edit. Or, on merging two "SkitchShots", I also always get a warning about merging notes from 2 different sources. Lol! Not only are they from the same source, obviously both the source and the destination were built by the same company! Very disappointed long-time user. Skitch on the Mac, at least, will be removed today. Trying MonoSnap instead... We'll see how that goes...
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