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  1. Please forgive me, Scott. I misunderstood the purpose of this forum and your role in it. I DO appreciate your help as a fellow user. That said, since this is a vendor-run site (it ends in evernote.com), it seemed reasonable that people working for the company would be dropping by. It still does seem reasonable to me that they would use this (or something like this) as a means of interacting with their user base. But I've been worn before and maybe I am again. If these forums are NOT read by the appropriate people at EverNote, can you suggest a means of reaching out to them?
  2. You're ducking the specifics of the request, Scott. I know what the alternatives are and none of them fulfill my needs (never mind why - just accept that from my perspective, I have an unfulfilled need). After over 45 years in IT, I have a bit of background in defining systems, and determining and satisfying user requirements. I understood this had to be an internal project - you're going to be writing something that talks to the API. The open question is: Will EverNote undertake this project who's output has been requested by so many people (not necessarily in this way, of course)?
  3. Thanks for your reply, Scott. I don't use Word anymore - just text editors (like TextMate and BBEdit). Neither application knows what to do with that link. Here's, functionally, what I want to do: I retired SOHO Notes because of problems with Mavericks - and I had used it for many years because it kept a menubar icon running with a quick view to my notes. All I need to do is scroll down a list, find what I want and copy the data. I didn't have to open an application. EverNote has a menubar app, but it's not for review, it's for data entry. The data's already there, I want to glance at it. If you could alter the desktop menubar program so I can lookup something without launching the application, that might work. If I could figure out how to use your note link and somehow attack it to either an OS X menu, dock, desktop, ... but I can't. Maybe you could help me there?
  4. I need to access various specific notes from any of my Macs. I want to store them centrally to avoid duplicated data (which one is the 'original' problems) and access them easily, as needed. My need is by no means unique, as I discovered by searching the user groups and forum; yet no simple solution has arisen. It's true that some technically clever people can implement unique solutions for their own needs, but I, for one, lack those skills. I hope Evernote staff reads this forum because this posting is addressed to the Product Manager for the Mac OS software: It's up to you to prioritize requests and allocate internal resources to fix bugs, produce enhancements and provide functionality that should have reasonably been expected in the core product. If the solution were easy or obvious, you'd have done it by now; but since you already know it will take some analysis, programming and testing, and because you've heard this request over and over again, isn't it time you considered providing a solution? Thank you
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