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  1. Thanks for your reply. The problem wasn't in the pasting -- the links looked fine when I pasted them. The problem occurred when I hit "Send" -- as the email was sending,it would flicker a bit, and the link would change from what I had pasted (starting with "http://www.evernote.com") into one of the long weird things beginning with "https://www.bixel1.net". I'm using Evernote v6.11.2.7027 (no updates are available) and Outlook 2016. Having said all that, the problem appears to have fixed itself after lasting two days. This morning when I logged in, it was working fine. Go figure.
  2. When I paste a shareable note link into an email using Outlook 2016, the link looks fine until I hit "Send." When I hit Send, the link converts into something else. For example, this link: http://www.evernote.com/l/ADrDtt3QeIJPDrQUaMyrnBf-SY72t8BZoeQ/ ...changes into this when I hit Send: https://bixel1.net/v1/track/click/ddbac2d3-a677-c04f-b969-73215648907b/outlk:383ac84e-7263-4105-80e5-eb723b7a13f6/pdxfinest@comcast.net/http%3a%2f%2fwww.evernote.com%2fl%2fADrDtt3QeIJPDrQUaMyrnBf-SY72t8BZoeQ%2f You can see this in the attachment. How do I fix this?
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