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  1. For the moment, I am just copying the article into e-mail and sending it manually. The addresses aren't a permanent mailing list, as the recipients vary from one message to the next. I do occasionally turn off Evernote, so I think you've found the answer. It's a Mac problem. Will try sending the public link for confirmation. Many thanks.
  2. Every day, I save a lot of articles into Evernote and e-mail them to colleagues. This has become a significant part of our workflow. Everyone receives whole articles except (of course) the guy who needs them most. He used to, but lately all he gets is the title, URL, and a few lines of the text. The articles go out as part of an address list, not separately, so he should be receiving exactly what everyone else does. When sharing his screen this afternoon, the notes looked vertically compressed, but this may have been an artifact of the Skype connection. My best guess is that he has accidentally changed an obscure setting, but I have no idea what. He recently switched to a Mac after decades with Windows machines and is not yet comfortable with it. The chance of error seems high. Second best is that an obscure incompatibility between the Windows and Mac versions of Evernote has crept into recent revisions. It seems much less likely. If any of this sounds familiar, I'd love to know what we are dealing with and how to fix it. All ideas eagerly sought. Many thanks.
  3. It worked yesterday. Suddenly, it isn't. I haven't deliberately changed anything, and it still works with other software, just not Evernote, which is where I used it most. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Coach. My first step must be to sign up for premium membership. I'll take care of it.
  5. This last few days, most attempts end with a message on the order of "No can do. Would you like to have them sent next time you sync?" I have no idea whether they are ever going out. This is a problem, as one of my daily chores is to scan a bunch of net sites and send relevant news to colleagues, who do the same for me. The database does seem up to date when I shut Evernote down and open it again. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks.
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