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  1. I fear we will never see Penultimate for Android. It would hurt the market for the $75 stylus. Why buy the stylus when your tablet already comes with one. https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/stylus?sku=STYL001001 I find it remarkable that a company with the resources of Evernote would abandon an obvious built in market for their product. We have canceled our business subscriptions for two companies and am moving on to another solution. We are not moving on because there is a better solution, we are moving on because of the lack of availability for other platforms. There are other apps that do hand written note taking and I will spend the extra time an effort to integrate these so I no longer need to pay someone who is not sanctifying the needs of my business. I will also stop recommending Evernote as a solution to colleagues and clients.
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