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  1. Same here. If I create or edit a note on my iPhone or my iPad, it apparently syncs WHILE I AM TYPING in a note, creating multiple duplicates. Also, neither app takes the top line of the note to make it the title, like it used to. Also, I don’t find a setting to NOT automatically convert dashes into bullets anymore (although by being very careful, you can do a single backspace after the auto convert to change back to a dash).
  2. Today's update for iPhone and iPad apparently fixed my crashes! Thank you Evernote team!
  3. I have been using Evernote for FOREVER, and on iOS 10 since it came out, with no issues, but as of this morning, it is crashing on both my iPhone and iPad. Latest version, I've tried killing and restarting app, and also tried rebooting both devices. It crashes before I can even click to "send report". Any news or help?
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