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  1. Farbauti's post in How can I view permissions of a shared note (EN client v10-latest/Win) ? was marked as the answer   
    No. As you can see in my screenshot my "share" window is just blank. I don't even my own account there.
    But hey, I found it !
    It looks like I shared a whole notebook. So the permissions show up correctly when I click on the gray "people" icon in the notebook (list of notes), but not at all on the green "people" icon in the note (even though the permissions are inherited obviously). How stupid is that? I guess it's just another bug in the v10 client 😡
  2. Farbauti's post in How to copy/paste annotations? was marked as the answer   
    Ah, I figured it out myself:
    If I copy (and paste back in) any annotation element that I previous deliberately moved out of the actual image (and thus extends the canvas), then the image shrinks back to its original size (for no reason) and ALL elements outside the original canvas size gets deleted (all, incl. the element I intended to copy).
    I guess that's just yet another bug with EV client v10...
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