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  1. In our organization I'm ok with unsharing, renaming, and re-publishing .... but I can't figure out how to do that. I've unshared it from the admin console but now I don't see where to rename it.
  2. Right click > Format > Strikethrough (also has superscript and subscript options)
  3. PS. "find and replace" would be a very helpful feature to add to this, though
  4. FYI I found a solution! I can edit tags through the online platform, under admin tools.
  5. Yes, most of the notes are stuck with the old tag name
  6. I do have update privileges but I suspect we're talking about different things. I'm trying to edit tags in this mode:
  7. Where do I control whether I have "update access"?
  8. Yes to trying to update data in shared notebooks I thought that by editing tags I would achieve the goal of bulk editing note tags
  9. As an admin, there should be a way that I can bulk edit tags. Instead, I get this dialog box when I try to edit tags: "We have only renamed this tag on notes that you own"
  10. Thanks so much DTLow - that's very helpful. It would still be great to have the option to make that the default though.
  11. I like the ability to share notes, but when I click on a link to a note it opens in my web browser, rather than in the desktop app. I then have to click the "View in Evernote" link (top right) in order to open it in the desktop app. I'd like the ability to control where the note opens, so that I can set it to open in the desktop app by default.
  12. I used to be able to export a file as a skitch png so that I could edit a previously annotated file at a later date. This options seems to be gone. Is there something that replaced it?
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