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  1. Same problem here. Can't quite Evernote except by Force Quite since beta 3.
  2. Good to know. I'm not on the beta-programme though...
  3. It seems that since (one of) the latest updates, Evernote for iOS automatically trims spaces from titles if you stop typing for a couple of seconds. This messes up the titles if you wish to continue the title, thinking you just typed a space, which auto-magically disappeared. Example: Often I add a date in front of the title, so I start typing "2017-01-29 " (note the space at then end). Then, 2 seconds later, I keep typing and add "Some title". The result is now "2017-01-29Some title" rather than "2017-01-29 Some title". The space was eaten automatically, while the window was still open. Very annoying. Can you please auto-trim the title ONLY if the window gets dismissed/closed?
  4. Agree here. Discard fingers if the Apple Pencil is attached, or use it for navigation only. Much like for example Sketches Pro does.
  5. It's hard to believe Evernote don't seem to be able to fix this very annoying bug within 20 months after reporting.
  6. Hi Evernote team, thanks for updating the Evernote products somewhat regularly. I'm a fan and paid user of your products. Unfortunately the newest update of PenUltimate 6 seems to render the app pretty unusable on my new iPad Air. The issues I'm having are: 1. The app seems to stutter during writing and misses many strokes as a result. 2. It also stutters when scrolling through documents - not extremely bad, but enough to be substandard smooth behavior and distracting. 3. Next to that, I like the cleaniness of the new interfaces, but removing the pages and needing to scrolling with 2 fingers often leaves unwanted vertical strokes on my screen, which I then have to 'undo' - very annoying. 4. The removal of thumbnails for pages (and removing the concept of pages) is very unfortunate for me. I have many larger multi page documents and scrolling through them like this is not really an option. Please reintroduce pages/paging, if only optional. 5. The auto-advance speed during writing in close-up mode used to be variable AFAIK or slower at least. The current speed is way too fast for me to use. This makes writing in close-up mode unusable for me. I hope this input leads to improvements to your otherwise fine products. In this particular case I would prefer to revert to the previous version until the problems are solved, because my handwriting has become unreadable now and I'm considering using NotesPlus for handwriting again... Please keep up the good work at Evernote!
  7. I solved the issue, but by reinstalling the iPad from a backup and by restoring any PDF reading apps until the one that broke Evernote. I'm afraid I'm not sure which one that was, but it did get me back on track, painstaking as it was. Took me about an hour and half.
  8. Which PDF editor are you referring to? I have not used a PDF editor for this. Anyway, yes, all my apps are up to date. I create a note, attach any PDF to it, want to annotate it in EN and that fails. No other PDF editors involved.
  9. The PDF was not edited at all. Any PDF will cause this behavior. The whole idea is that I would like to be able to annotate them with EN. In some cases I created the PDF with print to PDF on MacOSX. In other cases I tried PDFs like manuals. No PDFs are accepted by the annotation function on the iPad app (iPhone does accept that).
  10. My iPad version of EN (iPad 3) does not want to annotate PDF attachments anymore. Whenever I click the "annotate" button it says "Could not load the document: Unable to read document". The PDF shows correctly on screen, in the note. It just won't start the annotation editor (to place arrows, add review marks etc.). The PDF itself is nothing special. I've tried all sorts of them and they all produce them same error on the iPad trying to annotate them. The strange thing is my iPhone (4S), also iOS, does not have that problem, nor do the MacOSX version or the web version. They work fine. Is there anyone else with this problem? Or even better, does anyone know of a solution for this?
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