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  1. I spoke too soon. I've again been having trouble with Penultimate not opening to the last page of a note I was on. I have a 45 page note that today opened to the 20th page twice. Very annoying.
  2. I'm using 6.1.2 1. I'm set to vertical scrolling 2. I take notes in portrait orientation 3. My notes don't always open to the first page. 4. Yes, each thumbnail matches the page it opens. 5. It was happening on all my new notes; I haven't gone back to my notes from the old Penultimate. I've been opening and navigating notes to see what happens, and today they seem to be opening on the last page I was looking at. Perhaps the glitches have resolved somehow... I'll be sure to post if I encounter the issue again. On a related note, is there a way to prevent Penultimate from returning to the "home" screen when I switch apps? I sometimes am looking at another app and switching back to take notes, and have to navigate from home, to new notes, to the selected notes - and I used to then have to navigate to the end of that note.
  3. In Old Penultimate, a notebook would open on the last page I wrote on. New Penultimate doesn't. I sometimes have dozens of pages of notes and don't want to scroll through all the pages. Any solution? Am I missing a setting? I'm on the verge of switching apps, as much as I want Penultimate to work.
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